Originally slated for release on 20/4/2020 (4/20), it would be over a year from then until this pair would see skateshop shelves. The lengthy delays surrounding its release created a buzz and anticipation that you just had to be around at the time to understand. Eventually releasing on the 22/10/2021, a full eighteen months late, the scarcity of the Strawberry Coughs drove hype to new ceilings. In combination with reports of many local skate stores backdooring their whole stock allocations to make a quick underhanded profit off the feverish demand, these events quickly cemented this pair in the eyes of many as yet another mythical entry in a long line of other highly collectible stoner SB Dunks.

As for the inspiration and design of the shoe itself; the name “Strawberry Cough” is a reference to a popular weed strain which informs the design of the rest of the shoe. From the vibrant green and red colour scheme, to the seed-like detailing on the red leather overlays and, most notably, the coughing strawberry embroidery which sits upon a canvas of green shaggy suede at the lateral heel, this pair expertly mimics the look of an actual strawberry in a supremely artful and playful way. With design from prolific illustrator and Nike SB legend Todd Bratrud, renowned for his work on previous 4/20 entries in the SB line (see the White Widow Dunk Mid and the Skunk Dunk High), it is no surprise that this pair turned out as beautiful as it is.