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    our authenticity commitment

    above all, we are passionate about authenticity.

    we understand the importance of confidence in the product you're buying, above all else. that's why we are 100% committed to authenticity of the goods we sell.

    all of our staff are trained to authenticate the pairs we have in hand, irrespective of proof of purchase being present or context behind the seller's claims; if we didn't buy it direct from a retailer ourselves, it will undergo rigorous inspection

    how do we authenticate pairs?

    years of experience in the industry from a personal interest perspective has given us an advanced understanding of authentication from scratch; we know we want to be sure our own personal collection is authentic, let alone have the confidence to tell you, our clients, that the goods you're buying are nothing but the real deal.

    without disclosing our exact methodology, in the interest of keeping our process secure for use when buying in stock, we authenticate based on a variety of factors. this includes:

    pair locality: we love importing regional exclusives that you won't find anywhere else. this makes it paramount that we know where the pair was bought from, if it matches production lines from that region, such as material differences.

    fine details: the act of checking stitch consistency, pattern, uv fluorescence of the thread and underlying material held together for markings

    shape: the form of how the shoe is put together and whether this reflects the genuine manufacturing process used by the brand

    (for vintage pairs) aging: natural evidence that the pair is not a recent reproduction and is a genuine article from the time.

    at streetwares, we have worked tirelessly to create a large repository of images showing both real and fake shoes including stitch comparisons, uv light findings, shape comparisons and more. this is shared with all of our staff, to ensure that we can always be 100% sure what we're looking at.